Why Can’t I Sign Up?

Because of server issues, the ESCarchive is being merged with SexyFantasyComics. Since I don’t think anyone wants to sign up for a website that is being shutdown, I have taken away the sign-up button for the ESCa. If you are interested in the ESCa material, please go check out http://www.sexyfantasycomics.com/ as all material is being posted there now, and much of it has already been moved over.

Sorry for any inconvenience,

Dan Standing

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HW36_preIn today’s strip Charlotte learns that people appreciate it when you use your indoor voice.

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HW35_pre4In today’s update Charlotte’s punishment is spelled out by Susie, but it contains a mysterious aspect…

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Peonie and Denver by Roc Upchurch


To round out our cast of characters painted by Roc Upchurch, Roc was given references for Peonie and Denver with the following recommendation; each should be reading, and at least topless.

I think we have some lovely results from Mr. Upchurch, but I will say that my initial response to Denver was this – “I didn’t realize he was reading such heavy books!”


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New Member Sign-Ups Fixed

Howdy all!

Verotel reports that all issues with new member sign-ups should be fixed! I apologize to anyone who ran into this problem, but we should be good to go again!

Thanks so much,


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HW34_preHELD WITHIN #34 is available today, and Charlotte is going to be in for a series of surprises…

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ESCarchive Hosting Modified

Hey all,

Recently the ESCarchive’s hosting was modified slightly. It was not supposed to effect members, but I did get one email indicating otherwise. I have contacted Verotel to review the set-up on their end to make sure everything is running properly.

If you are experiencing any issues I thank you for your patience and we’ll have things smoothed over ASAP.

Thanks for your support,


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Tiffany & Teresa by Roc Upchurch + HELD WITHIN 33

I am super excited to say that artist Roc Upchurch, who has recently worked on the IMAGE COMICS series VESCELL, has done two amazing pieces for us. Inside we now have a slightly battle damaged Tiffany, and Teresa showing off her power.


Today is also a HELD WITHIN day, so you’ll also find another amazing strip by W. Wondollar inside!

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After having dealt with their conniving teacher, Susie and Jenny start to figure out a little more of what they can and can’t do with Jenny’s power in today’s update!

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Held Within 31 & Other Updates!

Wow! It’s been so crazy around here that, while I HAVE been updating the ESCarchive on the inside, I’ve had no time to announce updates anywhere else!

October’s 4-page month end comic was called SACRIFICE, and asks the question; how much is an explorer willing to give up for his, er her, treasure?

And of course, HELD WITHIN has continued to update! Strips 30 and 31 deal with Susie and Jenny discovering a dark secret about Ms. Destine, and teaching her that actions have consequences.

Sexy, foreign language, wish-granted consequences, but consequences none-the-less!


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